Friday, July 25, 2008

Two Days at Cox’s Bazar

A few months ago I visited Cox’s Bazar with my friends and two teachers on purpose of study tour. Our bus entered at Cox’s Bazar in afternoon. There were rows of tamarisk tree on both sides of the road. Suddenly mass of water attracted our eyes from far and it seems to that the sea was greeting us with its vastness and solemnity. We also responded with shouting and joy. After a moment we went down from bus and reached at seashore through sandy-bank. Besides sea-breeze, ocean currents were touching us. After seeing the amazing view of sunset at sea-level we returned in our bus and following then we reached at hotel “Holiday In”
Picture: Sunset at sea-level.

After refreshing we had delicious dinner with rice and rupchada fish. Then we went Burmese market for shopping. We fussed noisily here and there of the market till night. We got up early in the morning and went to sea-beach for taking sea-bath. We overwhelmed to cast in the sea. We have also collected many sea-borne cockles there.
Picture: We are at sea

Later than we had our breakfast and went to “Radar Station” to collect information to serve the main purpose of study tour. After visiting Radar station we took our lunch and started our journey to Inani sea beach. What a fantastic path! There are hills on one side and sea on the other side of the road. After one hour we reached at Inani sea beach. Its elegance, astonishing sight fascinated us. Again we returned back to Holiday In.

Picture: Peak of Radar Station from far

Picture: We are at Radar Station

After refreshing and having dinner we went to seaside for camp fire. We passed our time with humor and fun, sing-song. Roar of sea waves and glitters of stars were remarkable companion for us.

Picture: Inani sea-beach

At last we said goodbye sea-girt but my secret thought was I would come back here again and again.


Jafar said...

Anne, Congratulations to u for such a nice and magnificent blog and for its idea also.

Nilufa Anne said...

Thanks for your lovely comment.

Anonymous said...

The picture of the sunset is breathtaking; thanks for sharing with us your special day. I do hope you go back soon!

David Sasaki said...

It has been so long since I've seen the beach. I grew up in California and the beach was always just a few kilometers away so I am looking forward to visiting Cox's Bazar when I come to Bangladesh and feeling the water splash over my feet. I especially like the last photo in your post - it is very artistic.

Jose Murilo said...

Here in Brazil people use to say that we have the most beautiful beaches (here a picture from the last time I visited Copacabana). But for me, the good ones are those we go along with friends to have lots of fun. Thanks for the report.

bint battuta said...

You have captured the atmosphere of your trip and the landscape beautifully...I am jealous because right now I am in a very hot place (Bahrain) where it is impossible to walk outside. I look forward to reading more posts!


Anonymous said...

Great photos, I loved the group one in the sea - very cute :)

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